The life and times of Reuben Cole, baby about town.

8 Months Down….

That’s three quarters of a year, son!  

You have sprouted two teeth.  They popped out, one right after the other in quick succession over the span of about a week and a half.  You have been chomping down on EVERYTHING ever since.

Your newest thing is to speed crawl through the house, sometimes so fast that you don’t even use your legs!  You simply drag your bottom half along as you follow me all through the house.  The other day you discovered that you can crawl from room to room without me, and have been exploring a bit on your own.  You have also discovered that our bedroom opens onto the lanai, and were elated to find that you could crawl outside on your own.  

Recently, you have been more than happy to crawl to your basket of toys in the living room and pull out what you like, all by yourself.  

You also have been crawling to where we keep your snacks, pulling out what you would like, and feeding yourself (after I open what you choose).  Your independence astounds me.  

You’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with your father and I when we don’t understand what you want.  We’re going to try to introduce you to some sign language, to see if that helps us get through to each other.  At least until you become a little more verbal.

Reuben, you are budding into quite an interesting little person.  To me, you seem to radiate the light and warmth of a person with a loving tender heart.  But then again, I am your mother, so naturally I think you walk on water, my golden boy.    

Can’t wait to see what the next month will bring!  

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